Helmfile Users

Who’s actually using Helmfile? The following table is compiled from public information, survey response and PRs. It’s
likely this is only a small selection of actual users, but it’s a start.

If you are using Helmfile in your company or organization, we would like to invite you to create a PR to add your
information to this file.

Organization Workload More Info Location Added
reddit.com production GitHub issue, Talk San Francisco, CA April 2018
gitlab.com production Gitlab Project * August 2022
ricardo.ch production We’re deploying our complete application platform using Helmfile. Zug, Switzerland April 2018
Hellofresh production We’ve been using helmfile in production since April 2018 for deploying all our infrastructure applications Berlin, Germany April 2018
Cherre production We have no public posts about using Helmfile, but we have been using it for a long time now New York, NY October 2018
Sight Machine production We don’t have anything publicly posted about it, but have been using it for quite a while in production. San Francisco, CA and Ann Arbor, MI December 2018
TailorMed production We’re deploying all of our platform and all K8s resources using Helmfile. The power of Helmfile are more then amazing. Thank you! Tel-Aviv, Israel September 2020
VSHN – The DevOps Company production Zurich, Switzerland March 2019
Vlocity proof-of-concept Melbourne, Australia March 2019
transit production Blog post. Montreal, Canada March 2019
uniqkey production Wiki Page Copenhagen, Denmark April 2019
bitsofinfo production Used with helmfile-deploy to manage releases for dozens of apps USA July 2019
kloeckner-i production We are deploying our standard tools via helmfile to all our clusters. Berlin, Germany September 2019
American Express proof-of-concept Orchestration of both internal cluster workloads and local developer environments. London, GB January 2020
Sportradar production Since mid-2019, we’ve been deploying our core infrastructure and several application stacks with Helmfile. St. Gallen, Switzerland March 2020
PedidosYa production Montevideo, Uruguay June 2020
Jenkins production jenkins-infra/kubernetes-management * July 2020
SettleMint production The SettleMint platform allows enterprises to spin up k8s clusters and deploy production grade blockchain networks and additional services. Helmfile is in charge of deploying these networks and services on demand out of the self service management ui. Belgium, Singapore, UAE, India October 2020
AutoTrader (UK) production We’ve used Helmfile for 2+ years to deploy 400+ services UK October 2020
Trend Micro production We manage 9 k8s clusters in a mono git repository with Helmfile Taipei, Taiwan December 2019
William Hill production We have standardised on Helmfile for managing both our application services and our Kubernetes platform components. International March 2021
The Hyve production We’ve been using Helmfile since 2019 to deploy Radar-base applications. Blog Post Utrecht, Netherlands April 2021
IKEA US production We started using Helmfile this year to shrink the boilerplate involved in deploying or microservices to cloud Kubernetes clusters. Utrecht, Netherlands April 2021
ShareGate production Used to deploy and sync our kubernetes workloads in Azure, using Azure Pipelines and custom extensions to install and execute the cli. Montreal, Canada June 2021
subshell production We’re using helmfile since 2021 to deploy all our Kubernetes workloads into our clusters. We love helmfile for its simplicity and power. Thank you! Hamburg, Germany August 2022
Norddeutscher Rundfunk production Using Helmfile since 2020 to deploy workloads to several similar clusters (dev, qa, prod, test, etc.) for sites tagesschau.de and sportschau.de. Thank you so much for your awesome work! Hamburg, Germany August 2022
Dealhub production Helmfile was an essential part of our k8s migration. Keep up the good work! Holon, Israel January 2023
BlueLabs production Helmfile is the cornerstone of our lightweight, auditable and centralized GKE deployments. Europe February 2021
Zhihu production helmfile is an important tool for the deployment of our basic components, which can achieve standardization and auditability. China, Beijing December 2023
Tudock production We have no public post about it, but we recently started using Helmfile to deploy developer applications and have been very happy with the results! Hamburg, Germany March 2024